Posted by: Bennedict March 16, 2023
Eating buff momo and influx of western liberalism in Nepal.
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Seriously, I don't know which century this guy belongs to. As far as I heard, beef is being served in Nepal itself in some high-end restaurants, and this bloke is coming here and trying so desperately to act like he is the only purest soul alive. (But slaughtering is not allowed yes!)
This is full double-standard on display. I am still not able to understand what this guy's intentions are. In my last short visit to Nepal, itself, I sensed Nepalese as a whole, they are way forward in accepting world cultures and trends.
Third world country as they say for Nepal is just in a name. People are way forward in accepting the way things are growing. I already have talked about growing drinking scene among ladies, the growing frivolous sexual relationships, the fashion, the drastic change in the lingo everything was there. I have been telling on and off in my earlier posts, Nepalese are way forward in accepting cultures. When I first stepped in US for the first time, when Nepalese would think twice before consuming beef, now that is like a thing from hey day. And this dude here I do not know why is he harping some old tune of Nepalese losing this or that or feasting on beef or some local alcohols.
Change is the only constant factor bro. Accept it. If you act against the grain, then you will be hurting yourself and not others! Part of me does tell me that this guy is faking a lot of things here to buzz us off, well you achieve your purpose, bro.
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