Posted by: Rockb November 29, 2022
Need to purchase a course worth 9.17 USD.
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i agree with everyone’s post here. There would be time that I can even buy for free. I care about learning and growing so IDC about 8-9 bucks. But I’m too scared to use their link out from India. I get hundreds of these calls per month out from India regarding insurances and others. If it’s US PayPal then I would do it. You know PayPal does have out Bank info and account number.
I have a chime debit card, and I noticed money be taken out out like 2.17, e.17,4.19- small amount Facebk P6 Advertising charges every month. The money was so less that I was just ignoring for months. Anyways, I notified them and have ti get new card even tough the balance was 500 bucks. I hope Avanti will understand. We not even sure if she/he is from Nepal
Also, "Just pay it and contact me"?? be nice lol. We don’t even know if you will pay us back. In American culture, well you build a contact with us, you send us 9 bucks and then we will send to you.
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