Posted by: avanti November 20, 2022
How to bring things from amazon india/US to Nepal as a Nepali?
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I really need a electric feet warmer that lasts long. Nepal ma payidaina. Everything low quality chinese. So, I'm looking at quality products that give warranty(even though I won't be able to redeem it as I live in Nepal and I can't go to USA or India)

So I've few questions:

What sites,facebook pages,instagram pages deliver stuffs from india to nepal at affordable rates?

Can I get a product like this in Nepal itself? Where? Most stuffs sold in daraz are garbage. The electric blanket sold there won't even heat upto 40 degree celsius. I need something that can reach 50-65 degree celsius easily. I had one that lasted only few months(1ta jado katyo for 3K NPR).
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