Posted by: Bennedict November 18, 2022
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Well, personally, I have been telling people, I do not like politics at all. It is all about how good is one at lying to me. I am not supporting anybody as such as I recall I had immense faith in Obama during his time. I believed he is surely going to bring the change we dreamt for on various aspects such as immigration. It never happened and I got so so disillusioned. Why would these people even promise about the things they can never fulfill? Just to attract voters?
Regarding Trump, I just worry about so many things going in the wrong direction if he comes back to While House again. Remember, he started creating a big chaos right the next day he got inducted. The ban for 7-9 Arabic countries, then the exaggerated talks on the WALL he wanted to build and all those super arrogant speeches and tweets and what not. He was even after all these Western Union company too because he felt a lot of American dollars are going out of the country via these routes!! Talk about H1-B visas, he hated this, though ironically his own wife was in this visa before he met her and his own office has people working in these visas. The story goes on. I would not want all those happening all over again.

But you know anything can happen in this country, that's what gives me chill sometimes, because it feels there are growing dislikes going against Democrats currently and looks like we have to embrace for "anything".
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