Posted by: harkhe7 November 17, 2022
Dr. Toshima Karki represents me!
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Like Dr. Toshima Karki I also grew up in a middle/lower-middle income family who claims to sacrifice everything for their children's education. Their claim has some validity. They worked hard to make sure their children attend a good school i.e. a English medium boarding school. In my case, my parents even stayed separately so that they can put us in a good school in Kathmandu. I am grateful for that as I have a better future today because of their sacrifice.

Likely so, I have noticed that most parents take pride that they sent their kids to a good school despite the hardship, but when the children wants to do something different, the parents discourage them by saying that you can't do it. However, I am very happy to see the parents of Dr. Toshima Karki campaigning with her and encouraging her. It is a nice view to see! Hope you could also relate to it.
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