Posted by: Galactus October 29, 2022
Is there still hope for TPS ?
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No matter when the ruling comes out and goes into effect, you will have at least 4 months(not 2 months as suggested by sanaklaal) of prior notice.

Though extension for another year is extremely likely but not re-designation.

In Case of Reversal
If the court reverses the preliminary injunction and that decision is final, the terminations of the TPS designations for Honduras and Nepal will take effect, unless the final court order places other limitations on the terminations.

If one or more of the termination decisions can take effect, DHS will allow for an orderly transition period ending the later of:

(a) 120 days from the issuance of any appellate mandate to the District Court; or

(b) to the extent the government requests the District Court to terminate the stay, 180 days after the District Court terminates the stay.

For legal reasons, the 120-day or 180-day transition period will not start automatically if there is a decision reversing the preliminary injunction. USCIS will inform TPS beneficiaries when the transition period will begin.
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