Posted by: Bennedict September 16, 2022
What're the newspapers in Nepal that provide tough and better to read opinions?
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Well, the journalists have a tough job to report and not emote and not show any inclinations to any belief or faith or parties. That is why they may sound like they are trying to be politically correct, but since everybody is free to their opinions, so what I like may not necessarily be what you will like as well. Still back in Nepal, I liked reading Nepali magazines such as "Nepal" by Kanak Mani Dixit (?). I do not know if it is still around. I grew up reading "Yuwa Manch", "Wave" and in Nepali literature, I still recall "Madhupark", "Garima" where as a kid, I would never understand the abstract way to expressions. Still I have difficulties grasping them. I agree they may not be newspapers per se, but that's my recollections of reading back then. Gorakhapatra, The Rising Nepal, Kathmandu Post, I don't remember reading them so fervently.
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