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Staying forever in USA after going to US for Bachelors, Masters, or DV? Is it feasible?
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US government will take care of you if you have a green card or a citizenship.
They will provide you minimum amount for food, lodging, medical etc, but you can easily survive with that on a small city.

Medical cost is slightly higher, but you don't have to go to hospital every year. When you have to go to hospital for a big surgery, there is still a limit amount 10,000 USD that you will pay out of pocket. Normally, if you are young, you can take cheap insurance with high deductible/limits. However, when you get older, you have to take better insurance, and pay more premium, but pay less per year if you have to go to hospital.

If you came as a student to USA in a young age, the probablity of you leaving USA and going back to Nepal is about 5%. You will spend the rest of your life in USA, mainly because of the hard work you have to put to eventually get a green card after 10-15 years. Yes, you will forget everybody in Nepal, except your parents, and close relatives. But, you will make Nepali friends in USA, and live an american culture life, i.e. work 5 days very hard, and enjoy your weekends with your family or friends.
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