Posted by: robwin May 23, 2022
Balen Shah and the hype
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u don't need any experience to do government job in nepal. most of leaders don't even have bachelors degree. They might already have plans for next 10 years or so. The only thing is when a new leader take charge, should he continue with projects running under old leader or start with new contractors altogether or........ if u r little smarter, then you create teams , 1 to deal with everyday problems and another for long term. also u might want to select few projects that are directly concerned with life of everyday and solve them within your period coz u want to win next time as well. that's it. for rest of time u would be busy for speeches and so on. u could ask ur assistant to prepare one and u r good to go. last thing to avoid is since u are public figure don't get into any kind of mess and u will be fine. does that seem hard to anyone?
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