Posted by: harkhe7 May 19, 2022
Balen Shah and the hype
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It is good for Balen Shah that he is leading the vote count by huge margin as of now (about 12,000). He is certainly a symbol of change in Nepali politics, and much needed one. Nepali politics had been so disgraceful and negative in the last few decades. He has certainly put some positive vibes to the politics.

However, I don't think that this should be the trend in the Nepali society. Young people should not try to take all the responsibility to do a better job for the society as a whole. They should certainly do a better job in whatever they do, and by doing so they will be doing good for the society. I still think that the older people specially in their late 40s to 60s have more resources at their disposal to do a better job for the whole of society. They have money, networking, experience and time. Besides few exceptions, like Balen, and it is sometimes necessary one to teach them a lesson, the younger generation should push the older generation to think for the society and use their resources at their disposal for better of the society. The younger generation should not just get angry at the older generation, that does not work. The oldies should be made feel bad and selfish for not contributing for the better of the society. And, they can take some emotional beating. Afterall, they raised us.

To the younger people, I admire your enthusiasm and dedication to do good for the society, but I also urge you to think about yourself and your mental health.
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