Posted by: Rockb May 13, 2022
Could crypto be a scam?
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Thank you for your all replies. I really appreciate it. Let's look at LUNA or some other so-called stable coins that are currently worth ZERO. All these algorithms and technology we were promised were lies and we could find even more flaws in Bitcoins and Etherum as time passed by. And I’m not supporting Stocks either whales such as Warren buffet and SoftBank are a always playing gimmicks. I like the idea of decentarelaized, but where do I file the case if the creater ? They are not regulated by the SEC. Stocks are at least subject to some sort of regulation. Cryptocurrencies, too, have numerous entry and exit points. The majority of people who entered Crypto were around 50k ish in the hopes that it would be sound 100K, holding the bag when the whales left. Many could not afford to go this low. The crypto market could make these people homeless because these people invested their life savings into it. Worst I heard was, majority of Nepalese have invested in Bitcoin from Nepal in the range of 15-20K through friends and some companies.
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