Posted by: logan May 12, 2022
Abortion should be illegal in US
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in 2020 about 4700 children were adopted and fertility rate is 62 per 1000. About 368000 were given birth.
I think all church should created a foster home and adopt all the child who could not get the pill and could not abort.
The law Texas is going to make will be not be powerful as 2nd Amendment. People heart follow wrong thing fast and will be prominent.
Any one remembers : सन्तानले डाडा काडा ढाकुन ? China adopted once child policy which came from the government and American said it was a suppression, how about them who wants to control people humanitarianism does not mean save the fetus only. These fucking moron advocating unborn fetus but killing human other way is okay and do not see their fucking god.
We are going back to 17 century were priest and bible was the law of nation, now they are adding it into there law.
We thought we have separation of Church and State , it is not going to be mingle in our state law. Start reading bible, they wants to remind us what is in bible.
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