Posted by: Rockb May 12, 2022
के नेपाल टाट पल्टी सकेको हो ?
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Guys! What do you think about the US economy then? Countries like Nepal which economy depends upon foreign country is for sure to go bankrupt when global economy is affected. Stocks market is crashing, the higher interest at certain point can stop the flow of money. I heard bunch of IT companies have enforced hiring freeze. You can’t buy new car or house because of high interest rate and low inventories. Biden wanna give out 36 billions to Ukraine to take war till Sep. Mr Biden had already messed up the American economy with spending and printing like there is no tomorrow. At this point, I think we need to let Ukraine make the deal with Russia as well UN bodies make sure no future attacks from Russia. This is cruelty against Ukraine and I think the comedian better be serious.
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