Posted by: logan May 11, 2022
raising the taxes for the middle class
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America itself become a nigger country and ruled by lunatics religiously inclined bastards who do not use logic but wanted to follow religions just to be in office.
What ever they are getting from bible or Christianity books they are competing with Islam where they wanted to grow their number exponentially. We can not go backwards, but they are pushing us backwards like Putin wanted to flat down Ukraine and push back to 50-60 years.

Look at the American history, around the world women were leading the country, American women were fighting for voting rights. These assholes killed many black people and millions native Americans. Now they wants to control women.
Women need to be in politics and change it in their favor, is the only solution, also change the second amendment. Why they need assault rifles in this era?

Watch this video " When China becomes the number one"
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