Posted by: Sexy In Sari May 9, 2022
Abortion should be illegal in US
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I am a woman. I had an abortion, college ko time ma. It was a hard decision. I paid myself. Not telling anything to my family here and back home. Its my life I did what I had to do.

The problem with Liberal in America is they make everything political to get benefits out of it for an election.

On a leak decision, Supreme court DID NOT say abortion is illegal, it agrees put matter up to the States to decide the abortion.

Abortion cost money. Yes Taxpayer pays most of it. So Govt makes policy to control abortion so they don't have to waster taxpayer money.

Kali go out and sleep with hundred men, and she wants to abortion as many times as she wants and you want to pay for it.

Media like CNN, ABC< Cbs, they are so happy they find topics for 2022 election.

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