Posted by: tps2gc May 6, 2022
के नेपाल टाट पल्टी सकेको हो ?
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NIBL, im their small sized private client. unlike in the states, they don't have credit rating system to lend so what they do is if they see any big transactions being processed through their banking system, they set up a meeting with those clients and try convince them to do trisections through them .

last year i sold tesla shares and sent some $$$ in my nepal account to stay idle for a while . they might have false impression that i have plenty of $$$ in the US ( which i dont ) so they call me with their offer .

i was hesitant to talk deep about this because i dont know if this offer is for everyone or for their private clients only .

if you got a $$$ account in any banks, doesn't hurt to call and ask if they have any offers . they don't advertise every single product and trust me they can be very flexible.

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