Posted by: meraj May 6, 2022
Rahul Gandhi parties in Kathmandu!
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For Indians nepals towns like Kathmandu and Pokhara has always been whore house destination. They have coming here for action for many years .

Back in the days those dance club, dance bar , casio they were junction catering for Indian client . Not sure of these brand new clubs .

I see nothing wrong in promoting night life in controlled way in Kathmandu . Flight from Delhi is literally like hour and can pretty cheap. It’s easier then going to Vegas from most US states. Casino , club , some sight seeing , hiking trails in around valley mountains, Kathmandu and Pokhara is perfect fit for these kind activities.

Our stupid leaders and politicians can’t keep govenment stable and do even basic things like keeping power and water on, so that private sector can thrive. On top of it they keep policy to not give dual citizenship, promote export of lobour etc with hope foreign currency will flowing . People will stop sending money back , if they are not sure they can bring is back when needed.

Nepal is almost becoming bankrupt state because of plain and simple stupidity of political parties. And we have same freaking sher Bahadur/ KP/ ma ku ne etc from last 30 yrs.
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