Posted by: Bennedict April 4, 2022
Actually i decided to leave for good
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Look who is talking. The guy who has been dreaming for so long time that his TPS would translate to green card one day in this country is giving me some wisdom on self satisfaction. Why don't you return Nepal at first and set an example instead of blabbering the nonsense?
I worked hard for my American dream and played everything by rule. I take pride for my struggles and experiences. It was not an easy path like you may have imagined, brother.

Regarding Shekhar, we all know this guy has not been working supposedly for the past 10-11 years according to him, but then he claims he has been screwing Mexican and Blacks in the store he used to work. Now all of sudden, something hits him, he wants to go back and raise cattle in the village in Nepal!! Is this guy for real?? What is his problem?
Shekhar dude, cut this crap!
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