Posted by: goddamn November 24, 2021
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I am not sure what do you get out of it.
You are not learning anything new. Forget learning, you are not even trying (reading posts), if you did then you would most likely not repeat same comment over and over again. So I can only guess this venting is kind of stress reliever. I humbly request you to find somother forms to release stress. May be yoga, if you are married then you know what I mean, or something else because I think you are unhealthily obsessed.
Now, abortion and blah blah blah... Are you effected by it? Did you get all of the above post from some news? Did you analyze anything yourself? Just by stereotyping (would have been racism, if I was white), I can tell that you never held a professional job. If you were a coworker stuck on repeating same stuff, noone would ever talk to you. This is besides the point but just saying...
Back to abortion, I know you think that above post is your opinion but it was spoon fed to you by networks. There is no thing new that I haven't heard by some lame comedians/activists. To throw some ideas I would be more interested to pay attention if you could relate how that effect yourself. Is that current priority? How many women were seeking abortion but were not able to? If there was none then end of story. If there are significant number then what happened after birth? Were they able to give up for adoption? Are there any alternatives? And now think for few minutes, I do not know if you are a father or not yet. Think about how much you love your kid when s/he is 3 month,...six month. Do you consider it a thing or as a kid. But you will convinently say whatever fits your political ideology coz you are unhealthily obsessed with politics.
About kids being born out of rape? Were there any at all? Talking about rapes and sexual assault. Any guy can wear a skirt and go to girls bathroom to sexually assault women. There may be more cases of rape because of this liberal nonsense than kids born out of rape. So liberals are giving condoms mandatory to 7th grades (as far as I know), and are teaching sexual orientation earlier to confuse them. Do you rather want to wait for right time to teach your kids yourself or want to follow it blindly.
My personal opinion? I think abortion is okay as long wa other alternatives have been exhausted. I really do not have a strong opinion as it doesn't effect me directly. I trnd to agree that unborn kids are still human and have to be protected as long as possible. And lastly, this one is for you (again):

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