Posted by: Mr33Sajha November 24, 2021
Conservative discussions
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disclaimer : not here to argue with anyone or tell anyone how to think, or drown the voice of conservatives, also wanted to add more to this conservative thread. these days almost no republican opposes him. Republican party has become fascist and hypocritical party now. He has become synonymous to republican party. I would not be ok with him even if he is a democrat and he did all this.

if you want this republic to become a kingdom, it is ok, everyone has right to their opinion.

Trump refuses to commit to a peaceful transfer of power: 'there will be a continuation' – video this is the tweet USA President tweeted, he wants to be president forever(you won't be able to see it now because the account is suspended.)
if anyone says his twitter is not serious, Trump tweets are official statement :
Isn't president for life is being great? video here :

asking for third term

DEFENDS supporters who shouted 'hang Mike Pence' during Capitol riot, insists the chant was 'just common sense'

He does not kid, video:
Tried to over turn the election 

again I am not here to attack anyone or argue with anyone just adding to conservative thread.
peace out!

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