Posted by: goddamn November 23, 2021
Divorce in Nepal /USA
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Comtest jurisdiction bhaneko, she is fighting to.keep court proceeding in Nepal. There are certain residency requirement for filing divorce, if she has already filed in Nepal then court here in US might defer to where wife is currently living. If she is US permanent resident then you might be able to contest jurisdiction.
As someone said above, current situation in Nepal is much different and boys will also have some ability to fight it off. Having said that will try to.scare you and get most money out.of you. I have seen that very closely where lawyer from husband side secretly made a deal with wife said and was trying to.settle for more money. It is criminal and unethical but it happens more often than we think. So bottomline is do not rush, fight it off and delay as much as possible.
BTW where in Nepal, are you looking for lawyer? I don't know but others might be able to have input.
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