Posted by: wegalzrock November 20, 2021
How to deal with anxiety
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@Bennedict yes I am proud of myself for not wanting the worst for that person. I like the person that I have become. It will be a lesson for sure. I have wonderful memories of when that person was there for me emotionally. He helped me be a better person. Obviously at first I was super hurt and I felt like my whole world collapsed infront of me. I felt sick to my stomach. But I don't want to play blame game. I am taking it as universe making space for another person to come for me or other greater things to happen for me. But I am a human and sometimes I still feel sad at that person, his family or anything that made that person take that decision. But I think it's my love for him that is making me want the best for him. I am also taking it in a positive note that his decision is going to bring much more happiness to me. I asked for universe and God to take away any bitterness that I have for him and his family. I want to send out positivity so that I can get abundance of happiness back from the universe.
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