Posted by: wegalzrock November 20, 2021
How to deal with anxiety
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I don't have anxiety. But I am going through a heartache. And at first I was sad, I wanted to cry, I was heartbroken, I felt betrayed. But it's been few days since I found out about this thing/ situation that has caused me this heartache. But I have decided to make peace with myself and my past. And also I have decided to erase this picture I had of my life. And decided to make a new one.

Also writing ones feelings out also eases the pain. You can literally write anything that you can't share with other people. And then just shred the paper. Also manifest for good things to happen in your life. I have also stopped worrying about little things that I have no control over. My only goal in life for now is to make sure that I am financially able so that I don't have to expect any financial help from anybody. I know that's going to make me look like I am all about money. But I take it as a distraction so that I don't worry about this thing that's causing me to be sad.
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