Posted by: Bennedict November 18, 2021
How to deal with anxiety
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"Don't listen to people who really have no clue and have never experienced it. Even an idiot knows he needs to go to doctor when he is not feeling well."

I appreciate your input seriously for the guy who started this post, but I have to say that a lot of times, going to a doctor and taking medication also works out, and I have this experience in my life when I had to take medicines to overcome my nervousness and lack of confidence. This is especially because everybody is built differently and their immunity, ways to tackle difficulties and their past experiences vary in a lot many ways.

Besides that to everybody who has been posting to this thread still, I have a question for you all. This thread is like one year old and the guy 'frustratedme' is nowhere to be seen and heard and hasn't written anything in this thread for 11 months!!

I am wondering who are we advising here?? Hello!
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