Posted by: bairaghi November 17, 2021
How to deal with anxiety
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all the suggestions given above, they might cure the symptoms and u might feel good for few days but eventually it will come back. only way to deal with it is go for the root cause and solve it. so be honest with ur self and ask urself the question, what is it that is bothering you so much. DEEP DOWN, IN UR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. USUALLY IT HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH GUILT, SHAME, ANGER. and people find it hard to admit it at first. they are ashamed of it. so if possible, try to own up and solve the original problem. but its not possible for most cases, because those problems are usually old and lot of time have already passed. in those cases, its beneficial to take the help of a therapist. he will help u look at the problem from a different perspective. u will realize what ever happened, it was not ur fault at all. in fact, u had no choice but to act in the way u acted. any sensible person in ur shoes would have acted in the way u did. life is not fair and we all come from different places in life. so u r the last person to be blamed for whatever happened.
this new outlook in life will make life easier for u. and will solve ur problem forever. u can develop this outlook in life on your own through reading books, watching videos. but it will take a lot longer than if u visited a therapist.
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