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How to deal with anxiety
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I am logging to after decades.
Just want to help a fellow Nepali. I've had and still have anxiety, but I'm very much in control over it.
1. Know the trigger
What is it? Job? Relationship? Money? Family? Responsibility? Driving (your case)?.Try to fix the trigger. Stay away from people who cause it, even if it means your family. If you cannot, then solve the issue. If you cannot fix it, then you have to train your brain to let it go. It is ok not to make too much money like you want to, live with that peace of mind. It is ok, if you're not as successful as your brother, let it go and train your mind to rest and not think about it.
2. Alcohol
This is the killer for anxiety. You might feel like it is helping but in reality alcohol will make it worse and things will get worse as you age. Quit it ASAP. I gave up after more than 30 years of drinking. It is not easy but it is one of the most important thing to do.
3. Sleep
Get 6-8 hours of sleep everyday. Avoid TV, phone 2-3 hours before you sleep. Read a book, listen to music, be in a quiet dark room and relax your mind and body. Avoid exercise, talking to people or doing anything important at night.
4. Exercise
It has to be cardio, something that will make you sweat. Aerobics is a great choice as well.
5. Yoga
Primarily breathing exercise, that is one of the most important way to calm anxiety. Many different type of breathing exercise exist, so explore each and every one of them and do it in the morning every day, no excuse.
6. Meditation
Guided meditation every morning in a quiet place 15-45 minutes everyday. This will train your mind to focus on the present and not let your mind wander.
7, Nature
Hiking and walking in nature will arouse the happy hormone. So instead of watching some stupid TV shows, get up and take a hike.
8. Talking to people
Socializing is very important and talking to people will calm and supress your anxiety. Living alone and staying away from people is a bad combination for anxiety.
9. Music
Learn to play music or atleast spend time to listen to them everyday.
10. Paint
It has a soothing effect on your brain and keeps you grounded and focused on the present. Very good idea to pick up that habit
11. Pet
Dogs and cat will lower your stress and anxiety and make you happy. I have a dog and I love her, she makes me happy and I take care of her like a children, we have an amazing bond. I cannot fathom my life without my dog.
12. Gut health
Keep your stomach health clean. Your stomach is the 2nd brain and it controls your brain and most other parts of your body. Eat healthy. Stay away from spicy, oily, fatty and processed food. Cook, eat healthy. Eat more veges and fruits.
13. Social Media
Stay away from it, it is the newest poison fro people with anxiety and depression. 

If you do these everyday, then you will see the change in your life. I've had really bad many years ago. I am fine now because I do most of the above point everyday. You will NOT recover in a week or a month. But in few months, you will see the difference. But you have to stay active and keep doing them.
Good luck.

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