Posted by: independent November 12, 2021
How to deal with anxiety
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Studies have found that more and more anxiety and stress are caused by mainstream media and social media. Mainstream media makes a person feel like they have to live in fear constantly. These media gain popularity and audience by peddling fear and uncertainty so that people keep coming back to watch their show and thus they make profit while their viewers are made to live in fear. Turn on the news and you will see how the world seems like a worst place to live but if you don't watch TV and enjoy your neighbors, friends, enjoy the weather, the walks, etc, then life is amazing and great. So stay away from media / news.

Social media is a source of anxiety and stress for many as they do not know how to cope with their apparent failures in life as all they see is people posting pictures of happiness and greatness and success. This makes people feel like failures and thus despair.

Life makes people into two categories of mindset. One mindset is that of being at comfort level with one's existence so that external influences do not impact one's happiness and the other mindset is the one that blows with the wind. These mindset tries to hang on to different things they see in media and social media which tries to define what being cool is and what is needed for happiness. So they get blown by every gush of wind in different directions, always trying a find a meaning in life. Trying to be accepted. These type of people will find anxiety and stress to be their attachment if they don't try to break away from the status quo.

My two cents..
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