Posted by: Sanaklaal October 15, 2021
मेरो ढुक्कुर सानो छ :(
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Love and hatred will be unlocked simultaneously. Only difference is that one will be visible and the other is hidden all along. When the dear one disappears, hatred takes over. And tries to destroy the being.

Only way of being peaceful is, not to attach too much to anything. Refer to the drop of water on lotus leaf. Neither the leaf nor the drop are affected by the other's existence. Finally when the time comes, one withers, and the other slips away into the water, completely unattached. Thus the water achieved it's destiny-uniting with its unison. And the leaf being withered, reaches its destination-soil. If the drop would have been attached to the leaf and never leaves, both the drop and leaf rots together, reaching a more difficult path to achieve their actual destiny.

Love is a boon and hatred is its curse. Just like the existence of any other thing in this world. If you get too attached to one with love, it's side effects take over in its absence.

Attach yourself only to the Lord, as he is the only thing that exists forever, and is our ultimate destiny.

I am not patronizing anyone to join the Lord, saying the above sentences. This is the best explanation I could get so far.

Now coming to your actual question, you can love all of them, theres no restriction on that. Gita never says not to love. Gita never says not to kill. Gita never says not to do anything. It only makes you aware of the consequences. Don't focus on the verbal meanings. Try to understand it's core-accepting your karma.

Isnt it obvious that you will weep,cry, suffer, hurt and carry depression till your final day, when someone you love so much is no more in the same way as you have expected them to be? Rotting the soul with negative feelings.

And when that happens, it takes you more time to understand the Lord,who is your destiny. On the death bed, every conscious being recites all his doings, trying to decide whether he's a good one or a bad one. If he is convinced by dharma as a good one, he reaches the Lord. If he is attached to something on earth, he tries to stay on the material world in one form or another. He never leaves this world and attain the destiny unless he declares his detachment to all other things than his destiny.
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