Posted by: bairaghi October 13, 2021
My new immigration prediction coming soon folks
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They might include section 60003 of immigration bill passed by House. It will move the priority dates that are more than two years to current date for employment sponsored and family sponsored applicants after paying certain fees. For the family based adjustment, it’s for immediate relatives( spouse, parents, underage children) and already in the USA only. Looks like it will be included. It will benefit people who have reaches and who can actually vote. That’s what politicians care deep down. Votes. More importantly it wont give Republicans a chance to cry “amnesty”.

All these marches and supports for immigration are primary based on liberal mega cities, most notably NY. And these cities are solid blue no matter what, whether immigration reform passes or not. What politicians care about are swing states. Until the day immigrant voters in favor of reform can affect the outcome of election in these swing states, immigration reform will be only in talks. So may be u can help by moving to these swing states.
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