Posted by: frodo October 8, 2021
Dear Sajha Admin
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Dear Sajha Admin,

This is not a complain or anything.

I see one feature largely missing in "your" website.

You allow users to create multiple users but there is no option to delete your account or those users.

And you will act like a god in "your" own website by pulling the strings from behind and showing favor for certain user which you deem are more valid than others or lets say less cringe worthy than others.

I think its a good idea to allow people to delete their account themselves rathers than showing your power. It will also ease your workload in a daily basis also.

This website looks little antique in compare to facebook, twitter, whatsapp bla bla where people have every right to delete their account when they feel when they dont like the company policy or the ideology.

Kindly hoping you will introduce this delete future in Sajha.

Thank you,
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