Posted by: bairaghi September 30, 2021
Ignore the Parliamentarian. Include Immigration Reform If You Want To.
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@sanaklaal, detach urself from this issue for a minute and look at it as a third party, from birds eye view. With outcomes having no consequences whatsoever on you. Like i do. You will have a much clearer view than wishful thinking.
Look from the parliamentarians and democrats point of view. Why should they destroy their careers by going above and beyond? If it passes through the regular process and channel, they will happily do it. If it wont, Will they break the rules and jeopardize their career/livelihood ? Never. One thing i learned here in US is people are heartless and have no empathy. Here Nobody will bend a rule by even an inch and put their ass on line to help others unless it directly benefits their interest. Baru Nepal ma you will see people bend rules to help people, though it could be out of ignorance or lax laws. or simply because nepalis have big heart.
So, no, parliamentarian will not allow immigration in reconciliation because she wont break the law and put her ass on the line. Democrats tried to trick her and she didnt fall for it. democrats knew the outcome all along, the just wanted to make her the sacrificial goat. Otherwise, why wont democrats over rule her or get rid of filibuster ? They wont do it because as i said, they wont put their ass in the line. Sometimes, i even doubt if bernie or aoc truly care abt immigrants. They only advocate abt the issue because it gives them platform to break out from the establishment democrats and gets them votes from young liberals like you. Thats how aoc got elected, being different, anti establishment.
So instead if wasting your time and energy, get on with ur life. U will be far better off that way.
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