Posted by: wegalzrock September 23, 2021
Lots of Nepali girls married to white n black dudes
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 "You should empower her."

Chicagoan yes I am all about women empowerment. But I've known them through my other friend. So the wife told my friend to tell her husband to get something for her. The wife shared the problems with my friend. So I am not in the position to tell her to do this or that. If she ever shares me her problem( I doubt it will ever happen), then I'll definitely tell her to go and open a bank account and try to be independent. I don't see them as often since I am not friends with them. I just know them and they know me. But that's it. I want her to be independent because if anything is to happen to him or if they have marital issues, she needs to be prepared. She is very innocent and gullible. I just want her to be a little independent. A little bit of independence would definitely give her more confidence in life.
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