Posted by: bairaghi September 20, 2021
Reality check for TPS holders
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Reality check for all TPS holders, here is my analysis :
TPS renewal will go on forever even if Trump wins 2024. Path to residency for TPS holders ? Never. As long as they keep attaching TPS with DACA, it will never pass. Why ? Black caucus and labor unions. Black caucus will never allow path to residency for DACA and other immigration reforms. As soon as it passes, blacks will become minority to latinos. Black caucuses were the main reason immigration reform failed in 2008. You see TPS for Haiti renewing without any problems, adjustment of status for Haitian TPS holders in early 2000 and so on. Democrats and Republicans, both are afraid of these black caucuses with their church groups and so on, because they have major influence on black voters. Cuban latinos from Florida are against immigration reform too, look at marco rubio and ted cruz. Even other latinos and immigrants become anti immigration reform as soon as they get their GC or citizenship, because they want to preserve their exclusivity.
So what is the solution ? Move forward in your life/career, TPS will keep on renewing till u die. If u keep on moving forward in life, u will find a way to adjust ur status. Only inconvenience will be expiring work permit every year and you wont be able to go to nepal, marry and bring your wife. Well thats a little price to pay.
The reason Elizabeth MacDonough gave for ruling against including immigration reform in budget reconciliation is pretty sound and strong too. If democrats can give GC to a certain subgroup with 51/49 senate majority without 60 votes now, tomorrow republicans can rescind GC to certain subgroup with same 51/49 senate majority. It is against a law. It will set a bad precedent and is like opening a pandoras box. There is no alternatives to counter this reasoning. Schumer is only saving his face.
So be content that you have TPS and it will keep on renewing. Its a PINK Card, almost as good as GC.
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