Posted by: Sexy In Sari September 14, 2021
TPS question on immigration legislation pass by House Judiciary Committee today!!
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LOL, "weed sellers" I know all essential workers will be qualified to apply, BUT most of them will get USCIS RFE notice which will lead to headaches and prolong the process down the pipeline.

For example: According to the DHS Guidance on Essential Critical Infracture Workers

Workers in laundromats, laundry services, and dry cleaners are qualified to apply under this bill.

Now they have to show "a consistent record of earned income"

Most of the Latinos populations are working using Jane Doe or John Does' social security or fake SSN, Latino communities have a 61% inaccuracy rate in payroll, according to the SSA.

The majority of people in this category may get Requests for Evidence.

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