Posted by: username619 September 14, 2021
TPS question on immigration legislation pass by House Judiciary Committee today!!
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So the house judiciary committee pass the immigration legislation today

So for TPS section they are saying:

—> has been continuously physically present in US not less than 3 years
—> is a national of country with TPS designation on 1/1/2017
—> was elegible for today on 1/1/2017
—> has not involve in consuct that would renders the person in eligible for TPS

So my question:

Does the “continuous physical presence” of 3 years for TPS holders make the TPS recipients who traveled abroad temporarily under an approved advance parole or in F1 ineligible for relief ?

It doesn’t say that you have to continuously present atleast 3 years from 2017!!

In my case I had both tps and f1, I used f1 to go and rentered without using advance parole, does that affect? If anyone can enlighten this? Confused?
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