Posted by: bournvita86 September 9, 2021
TPS, what happens if not extended
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Hello, with all the TPS threads in Sajha focused on discussions related to TPS extension (when/if/how long) and possibility of Green card for TPS holders, I was thinking about what happens if TPS is not extended.
There are obviously reasons to hopeful - National TPS Alliance has claimed to have reached an agreement with the Biden administration for 15-months extension, and the inclusion of immigration reforms in the Infrastructure Bill currently on its way to the Senate. However, we need to be skeptical as well - TPS Alliance does not mention which countries are included for extension, and there is high probability that the immigration reform won’t pass.
Because of these things, while I am also hopeful for TPS extension (and maybe path to Green Card), I also want to know what happens in the possible worst case scenario if TPS is not extended - specially how long do we get to wrap up our businesses here before leaving? Do we have to leave at once or is there a prolonged grace period?
Please share some links to USCIS/DHS or any other reputable sources if you know.
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