Posted by: Sexy In Sari September 9, 2021
Moving to Nepal. What are my options?
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There is a saying, kukur lai Gheu pachdaina...( Dog can't digest Ghee) Delta Ghee or Dalta Ghee the popular one...I am confuse

Sajha users are dying day and night hoping for TPS REdesignation, and you are here to give up US Citizenship. Joke of the day. Nepali haru...

My uncle talks like this shit, wants to live in Nepal, life is good, bla bla.., when he has too much of Black Label in his body, and the next day, he starts to count dollars. He has been saying that for almost 25 years. lol. But one thing he does about Nepal is to watch Nepalese News on Youtube.  

Good luck!!

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