Posted by: Galactus September 8, 2021
Moving to Nepal. What are my options?
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Technically, you lost your Nepali citizenship when you naturalized as a US citizen. You could go back on an NRN visa and work, but that limits you to private companies as government jobs require Nepali citizenship. However, Nepal Citizenship Act 2006 Clause No. 11 allows you to reacquire Nepali citizenship if you give up your US citizenship and apply to reinstate your citizenship provided that you can prove your previous Nepali nationality. Other than that, you may have to get your US degree certified through TU and use that to apply for jobs that require a bachelor's degree. But fiance and accounting rules vary significantly between Nepal and the US, so you may have difficulty convincing people to hire you unless it's a multi-national corporation. You can always open your own business and be self-employed.
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