Posted by: independent September 8, 2021
This does not make any sense!
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Tesla guy. I don't watch any TV so you are wrong, I don't watch fox news. All mainstream news have a stake in the vaccines so they all support it. Fox may question it a bit more than the rest of the MSM.

Doesn't it ever strike you why the mainstream media does not question the agreed upon narrative? As a media they should also present other views but they vehemently block out all other views, all other questions. That in itself should say something about the propaganda. As they say - if you cannot question it, it's not science, it's propaganda.

Bennedict sir your question is very crucial भोली तपाईंलाई कथम-कदाचित कोभिडको लक्षण देखा परेर थला पर्नुभो भने तपाईंको तेसपछीको रोड्म्याप के होला हजुर?

Over history of mankind, if anything has been certain, that is death. Man dies of all sort of things including diarrhea, cold, pulmonary disease, heart attack, and all sort of diseases. Most of the time, these diseases prove fatal for people who are not healthy, people who do not eat healthy. Why doesn't the government ask people to start living a healthy lifestyle instead of forcing vaccinations? If you look at the statistic of tuberculosis, it kills more people than covid but they have not had chance to capitalize on it or other older ailments because they are not new and people will not fear old diseases. So covid was a multi pronged marketing campaign aimed at increasing the profit of the elite group that owns the vaccine/health industries and the media. Is covid dangerous? Yes it's dangerous for a specific demographic but when the media keeps showing you the number of death instead of the types of people who died then everyone starts panicking. If you care enough to stop getting scared and try to get deep into the statistics you will start realizing that covid is mostly dangerous for older population over 80, people who are excess weight, people who eat junk food and have high blood pressure or sugar (of course there are exceptions of a very small percentage). The same people who profit off of the pandemic are the ones who promote these junk food to keep people in perpetual fear and harm so that they become repeat lifelong customers who churn all the money they can by working all their lives and hand it over to the profit centric industries.

Sorry for the long response but in short, I could be infected by covid in the same way I could be affected with a cold, or tuberculosis or any other disease. There is always some percentage chance of getting infected and you try to decrease the percentage by living a healthy life, keep your immune system in good condition. Sleep well. Don't stress. If you do that your chances of being affected is drastically decreased and even if you do get infected you will get over it with few tylenols. But obviously if you choose to watch the media propaganda which keeps you in fear by showing increasing numbers of death, even the count of which is controversial as we have seen they count anyone with cold symptom as covid death. Paired with the fact that the common cold has totally disappeared from the face of the earth as all the numbers are now added to the fearful covid numbers which is programmed to keep you fearful and supporting the propaganda. Turn off the news and see how satisfying it is. Live a healthy life. Again turn off the TV because there is only one reason why they call it programming. Because they are programming you to think what they want you to think.
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