Posted by: wegalzrock September 6, 2021
Stop MCC proliferation in Nepal
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And wegirlsrock, being a girl yourself, how can you support him when his comments should make your skin crawl?

@chicagoan first of all did you even read how I responded to the being raped by Arabs statement? If you didn't get a chance to read my response, I've pasted it in here.

"How is it a pride to be raped and molested. I as a woman would be aghast if someone tried to do anything without my consent. I don't have a say on whether you want MCC in Nepal or not. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. But please stop saying that being molested is okay as long as you get paid. There's nothing above your dignity and pride. Also FYI, not all the sex workers in the US have better life. A lot of them are forced into it and beaten by their pimps if they don't make enough money. I hope you know a lot of girls are kidnapped and forced into sex trafficking."

All I said was I was impressed by how he wasn't bad mouthing anybody by saying bad things about their upbringing. He wasn't cursing anybody.

Wegalzrock you should be more careful of people like harke. Who try to sweet talk you after accidentally showing who they really are. Be a better judge of character otherwise you will get hurt in life. Don't let people fool you so easily 

@independent i really appreciate you being concerned about me. I know people who act so nice and sabotage others on their back. Trust me I am not that naive. I don't wish bad upon anybody. But I wasn't born yesterday. I now know how people are and how to beat them on their own games. But thank you for reminding me of how people can be.
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