Posted by: independent August 30, 2021
Stop MCC proliferation in Nepal
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Wegalzrock I never said anything is wrong with being born in village. I have huge respect for my friends and people who inspite of being born with less resources in villages have progressed on to become top scientist, industrialists and what not.

What is wrong is when someone acts like kera napaune le kera payo , bokrai sita khayo. You saw how this guy was saying how getting raped is justified if they get enough money. I think any thinking person with some self respect would be against something like that.

As far as you calling me anti vax that's a different conversation and you can join me in the other thread where superior experts like nobel prize winners have expressed their concerns regarding the covid vaccines.

Quite a few of these experts actually invented some vaccines! Now that they are expressing concerns on this particular vaccine, you would have the nerve to call them anti vaccine? LOL. I am the same way. I have had all the other vaccines till date. This is the only vaccine that I am concerned about due to the anomalities and questionable marketing they are doing. Refer back to the thread

Janani janmabhumischa swargadapi gariyeshi

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