Posted by: logan July 30, 2021
Isn't January 6th an attempt to coup?
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I found interesting thing by Harvard University , Social Impact Review on January 6th and who is responsible.

We all watched the January 6th riot or call an attempt to coup attempt on Democracy over presidential seat by angry voters. I personally feel those senators and congressmen who objected the certification of electoral votes are equally responsible.
Months of months republicans gave false information on vote and told the voters that it is "Stolen and still the winner of presidential race"

A killer is not only guilty on a crime but the mastermind equally guilty on the crime. Here the instigator gave a speech to the big crowed which boosted angry protester to take back the country. He told the angry mobs that he will walk to the Capital Hill.

I think republican party who believes in conservative values are lost in new translation (ex-president's tweet and his message), congressmen and senators think January 6th incident is nothing but part of democratic act.
We know many of us (sajha visitorsars) are not interested in American politics & it is targeted to the population living in USA and interested in politics.

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