Posted by: sapiophile July 21, 2021
१२ वर्ष अमेरिका बसेर रित्तै फर्केका यी युवा
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After listening to the whole story my initial reaction was "Why its always about money ? ".

When you die you dont take a penny with you.

We , Nepali people always relate how successful a persons life is by how much crores he accumulated or how many real estate he owned.We find corrupt people successful just because they have more money . An honest man who lived his life on moral principles with dignity , is considered a total failure since he has no money . Then we are the ones complaining about rampant corruption in the country . We wonder why big movie stars and national comedians from Nepal are going abroad to work in gas stations. They start to compare their success in crores too but they forget that they have won the hearts of millions of nepali people through their perfomance . Some have went back home realizing it and keep contributing to our art world . Don't want to specify names for privacy issues .

As for the story , The guy in the story came to united states saw a lot of things , went through lots of experiences , built a lot of memories and went back to his home country . I dont see anything wrong with it. He even ran his own business for a while . Its a good story but it has nothing to do with immigration to usa . Bad luck, and misfortune and friends swindling you can happen anywhere whether its nepal or abroad . People might see it as a failure but i see it as a success . He was a chef in nepal so he will probably live a good life with some business experience to help him on his future endeavours . Good luck to him :)
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