Posted by: ehho2 May 21, 2021
Health insurance for parents over 65 years
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Thanks guys for sharing experience has been not so encouraging. I did find some insurance options in exchange but the out of pocket costs are ridiculous like 60 40 , with high premiums like 700 per month.
Medicare didnt work cuz she has not worked 10 yrs. She does qualify but by paying 600 a month for the one that doesnt cover hospital stays.
Medicaid: they say she needs to apply medicaid 1st and they will cover whays not covered by Medicare. Told them she didnt qualify for free one and cabt offers 600 then they took her info and sent denial letter in a month says she dobt qualify since she not a citizen. She has been living here for 7 yrs now.
We have been covering put ofbpocket pocket for mall stuff and were going to Nepal for major ones so far.
I got different answers frm. Different ppl at the Medicaid office. I'll go visit them personally sone they should be open now.
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