Posted by: ehho2 May 19, 2021
Health insurance for parents over 65 years
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I'm still waiting for some insights please if you know how a 65 year plus with a green card can get a kaiser for 40 bucks a month. She lives in CO. I tried to get it on exchange but nothing less than 1000k and that too doesnt cover most of the things,really shitty one like 60 or 50 % coverage ,everything out of pocket.
Talked to county, they said call medicare , called Medicare they said since she hasnt worked 10 yrs in the US it will be 600 a month which doesnt cover hospital stay. Went back to county to talk to medicaid ,finally sent an email saying she diesnt qualify cuz she is not a citizen . Their policy clearly says gc for 5+ years qualify. It's hard to talk to them. Usually takes a month to schedule phone interview and they either tell to call other entities or send a letter after weeks why she do t qualify, and the reason is she needs medicare or she is not a citizen, so basically back to square one cuz Medicare will say she needs to work for 10 years.
We would gladly take trips to Nepal and get major medical procedures in India or Nepal but die to covid that too is also not possible.
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