Posted by: p14nd3m1c May 13, 2021
नेपालीहरु पनि कोभिद बारे सचेत हुँदैछन् बिउझिदैछन्
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Why are the media whose owners happen to be same investors who have invested in vaccine trying to scare the people into getting vaccine, even by showing fake pictures of devastation

This is not the first time media has used fake pictures for fear mongering. They have replaced the picture after people pointed it out but the damage has already been to millions of people who saw the picture initially

Why is the government and media not telling the truth that once you have contracted Covid, you do not need to be vaccinated? Because in fact, getting a vaccine is getting the dead virus in the body so that the body builds immunity. If you have already contracted the virus, then there is no need to reintroduce into the body.
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