Posted by: p14nd3m1c May 12, 2021
नेपालीहरु पनि कोभिद बारे सचेत हुँदैछन् बिउझिदैछन्
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Logan thank you for your thoughtful analysis.

First of all you are jumping into conclusions.

My sole intention of sharing these things is because they provide a different perspective than the one you are exposed to via media, government which are unfortunately deeply connected to the healthcare business.

Do you have problem with me sharing different perspectives?
Do you only want to see one perspective that is shared by the group consisting of healthcare business, the media and the government?

If you do not want to see anything that is not officially stated in the media then I would suggest you not open my threads.

Like you hinted, my threads are not read by many people so why do you feel threatened by my post? Are people not able to arrive at their own judgments? Do you think people are so dumb they cannot distinguish a sound argument or a sound piece of information? Or are you afraid that people will actually start questioning the official narrative after reading my posts? What makes you think the other sources you are following are always right? Specially since they have been proven wrong many many times. 

What are you afraid of? Why are you afraid of my postings? What do you have against my postings?

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