Posted by: logan May 12, 2021
नेपालीहरु पनि कोभिद बारे सचेत हुँदैछन् बिउझिदैछन्
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At least 17,000 health workers have died worldwide from COVID-19 over the last year, Amnesty International has said.
More than 2,900 U.S. health care workers have died in the COVID-19 pandemic since March.
Worldwide 3.32 Millions of people died of Corona.
In 1960 it was 17 per thousand now it is gone down to 7.25 per thousand die. Now you can argue the death rate is down to 50% ( 1960 to 2020.  therefore we should not be worry about it. Very negligence number of people died of corona, therefore we should not be worry about it. Population is going high specially in third world nations it is a self-balancing act of Nature, is that the reason you do not see Corona as a threat to Nations?

Everyone should ask this Pandit:

1) What is your profession ? Are you a health professional or a master of web browser with copy and paste skill?

2) If you are in Nepal do not compare to other nation, every nation are working differently depending on population size as well public and government in this issue.

3) Where is your residence ? Are you been out in community or sitting behind the computer finding misinformation and spreading in very very small community which is Sajha.

4) Do you know any one had Covid who suffered or died of it? Have you been to their cremation? Or participated virtual cremation ?

5) You know the story of Polio ? I think many people including Dr.s were against it. What are your thoughts on it ?

5) In 1900 TB spread very fast, Doctors and scientist work hard and find the reason and medicine to cure. Have you read about it or any pandemic in past ?

5) If you have study or read about past pandemic and you have acquired some knowledge about them, your thinking may be different as it is now.

6) What do you do if your loved one gets sick and all the symptoms are Covid, Do you seek any health professional advise or will follow your copy paste theory I mean do nothing it is in 19th rank and nothing happens?

7) Last question : how many of Sajha visitors open your thread and finish reading top to bottom.
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