Posted by: logan May 5, 2021
Walking Makes Us Healthier, Happier and Brainier
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It’s a Superpower pure science not a corrupt science.

Not only developed nation's people even people of underdeveloped nation daily walking has been decreased unrealisticly high. It's due to industrial relovution, develpment in scinece science and tecnology. Recently, mostly our waliking time are taken over by modern gadget. Now to walk we have to make a schedule. We have tech watch to monitor our steps and someday we may not walk 4000 steps, If you have set up your goal for 10K steps and our watch give you a buzzing sound feels we achieved our greatest goal and we may celeberate with champagne and glue with TV / Tablet / mobile another 3-4 hours. We are sleep deprived because we keep our mobiles on next to our bed. Even with single buzz comes from the mobile we can not await until morning, Look at our Belly, it look like a barrel / we are having a baby like in the film ( Arnold S. was the actor).
How many of you have disturbed during your love making activity by the buzz of your mobile than getting knock in the door ( specially in the morning).
Sexercise is better than not having any excercise atleast it pumps your blood couple minutes and gives a good flow or blood circulation which may compensate your lack of walking or excerise. Ganthan pop up in my head as I read " Walking Makes Us Healthier, Happier and Brainier".
ARE third world nations people are Walking Makes Us Healthier, Happier and Brainier? No it does not, they are in a vicious circle ot proverty will push them far away .

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