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Does your partner give you SILENT TREATMENT?
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I see this happen a lot in Nepalese relationship. Does you or your partner do this? Copy pasted.


The silent treatment is an insidious passive-aggressive tactic that is too often employed as a punishment tactic.

A narcissist relationship partner may "go silent" in order to...……………..

•punish a significant other (SO) or family member etc.

•establish control

•communicate one’s power

•demean someone

•avoid discussing shameful acts

•generate jealousy

•hide taking part in duplicitous behaviors

•inspire anger in another

•camouflage betrayals

•inflict shame

•telegraph disappointment

Common Characteristics of a “Ghoster”

A narcissist who has a tendency to invoke the silent treatment, which is a primitive and infantile tactic, is in essence saying, I am


•a “game player”


•an inept communicator

•a person of low emotional intelligence

•a low functioning individual

•emotionally damaged

•a person who has low self-esteem


•willing to lie


•only interest in myself and my needs

Silent Treatment is a Learned Behavior

A narcissist who employs the silent treatment to hurt others was likely abused by his or her caregiver(s). Therefore, the narcissist most likely had despised this tactic when he or she had been been ignored by dysfunctional caregivers.

What it Means when the Narcissist Goes Silent

A narcissist can not be alone do to his low self-esteem. In general, narcissists are frequently prone to seek confirmation they are either special or lovable or both.

Consequently, in general, narcissists are apt associate sex as a manifestation of their “lovableness” and/or “specialness.”

Therefore, when a narcissist vanishes it would logical to assume he very well may be..….

•idealizing another

•seeking attention

•avoiding a person he shamefully betrayed

•actively cheating

•grooming a new module

Don’t Do As I Do

Narcissists invariably accuse others of doing the very things they themselves are doing.

For example, when a narcissist is not with his SO, and an opportunity to cheat without detection arises, he will find himself motivated to succumb the temptation.

Therefore, he assumes his SO will “do as he does” — which is fall pray to “up to no good” behavior. When a narcissist says to a SO when you were not with me on Thursday night were you “up to no good.” The narcissist himself very well may have been “up to no good” Thursday night.

Zero Tolerance for Silent Treatment

I think early on in any relationship it may be wise to indicate that one has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to a person using the silent treatment as a tool to hurt another person in any way whatsoever.

If a person refuses to behave like a mature adult who has the competence to communicate, I can not think of any good reason, he would refuse to communicate. One has to wonder why would someone refuse to be emotionally honest and own their beliefs, feelings, and opinions by expressing them with openness and integrity.

I think the silent treatment is too often used as a punitive tool and is antithetical to notions honesty and relationship integrity. Consequently, if a person employs the silent treatment, he or she is likely not worthy of someone who is interested in being involved in a healthy relationship.
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